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Ed Schaeffer, MSPT, IMT.,C. has extensive training and expertise in traditional
physical therapy, as well as non-traditional and holistic manual therapy techniques used to facilitate the body's own healing and self-correction.


After receiving his Masters Degree in Physical Therapy from Boston University in 1982, Ed practiced at both Massachusetts General Hospital, as well as privately.   Ed found that the traditional physical therapy methods he learned in graduate school and elsewhere  did not adequately serve his patients' needs, so he set out to continue his education and training which has been ongoing to this day.


With a strong passion in health and healing, as well as a willingness to explore alternative treatment possibilities, Ed was led to study and subsequently specialize in manual therapy techniques such as Cranio-sacral therapy, Visceral manipulation and Integrative Manual Therapy.


Ed is currently Board certified in Integrative Manual Therapy and continues to use his diverse training to treat a wide variety of conditions, including but not limited to, orthopedic and digestive issues, post traumatic stress disorder, and sports injury rehabilitation.

Physical therapy services are offered in Wellesley, Massachusetts 

The practice is open Monday through Friday.


Most major health insurance plans are accepted.

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Schaeffer Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, Inc.


Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts 


All sessions are one to one hands on and individualized to meet your unique needs.
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